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Property & Insurance

Insurance Brokerage Service

Service that focuses on getting the right business protection in place with our insurance brokers.

  • Review existing insurance policies

  • Business insurances to protect your business from possible risks

  • Personal insurance ensure that your personal assets are in check with personal insurance

  • Professional and finance insurance that has inclusive coverage for your business, key staff and personnel

  • Work through the risks involved in managing a commercial business with the right insurance policies

  • Speciality insurance to assist in finding just the right insurance policy that works for all types of businesses

Property and Investments Service

Specialist Property Tax Accounting & Property Tax Advice for aspiring and seasoned property investors across Australia.

Our expertise will give you a strategic viewpoint for property assisting clients with their property portfolios. 

  • Hold seminars with partner firms mainly buyers agents & valuation firms providing insights into the property market

  • Solutions to repay your loans quicker using legal tax deductions including claiming depreciation and expenses

  • Buying and selling services

  • Asset protection when structure your debt and investment portfolio

  • Expertise in structuring your debt to achieve protection, optimal terms and responsible lending

  • Access to competitive interest rates whether it is owner occupier, investment, commercial and construction loans with our expertise in banking and finance

Business Partners

Referrals are provided to our partner businesses (third party):

  • Financial Planners

  • Business Finance Brokers

  • Residential Mortgage Brokers

  • Legal Services

  • Digital Media & Marketing Consultants

  • Information Technology Consultants

  • Property Consultants

  • Advisory experts

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